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Synerb Venture Catalyzer


We help organizations and purpose driven entrepreneurs to grow social ventures and economic development programs that serve vulnerable or marginalized communities. We support visionary social enterprise leaders on their path from idea to prototype validation we help them to develop a viable go to market strategy to launch grow and scale through a tailored technical assistance program that combines professional training and workshops structured one on one strategic or leadership mentoring access to industry specific consulting services and flexible finance. Our final impact translates into decent jobs income for the vulnerable skilled people strong sustainable local organizations and prosperous communities.


Pacto Impact Investing Consulting


Impact Investing is an exciting and rapidly growing industry generating social environmental and financial returns. But what lies under the combination of those two words can be mesmerizing and make you passionate about wanting to take part. Come join us.Whether you are an Impact Investor or a Financial Service Provider our commitment is to drive real impact the kind that changes lives along the journey. With a combined track record of more than 20 years we can offer a wealth of experience a vast network of contacts and the in depth know how to help you deliver your impact. That s Pacto!


Tablecloth Inc.

Tablecloth is an Impact Analytics Platform and Services company that works with Funds Impact Investors Private Equity Firms Family Offices and Foundations. Tablecloth has a software platform designed to collect and visualize impact data. We develop data models to measure previously difficult to measure social environmental and governance business factors. Our analytical tools when applied to a company or a portfolio of companies identify specific areas of concern in a wide ranging impact approach that includes climate change systemic discrimination workforce inequity/exclusion and other areas of impact. Our subject matter experts provide consultative services to help identify key metrics and track them as critical elements of your investment strategy. Tablecloth s secret sauce is a blend of Social Science Data Science.


BWB Solutions LLC

BWB Solutions is a national consulting firm with expertise in planning governance organizational assessment and finance. We re known for our pragmatic thoughtful approach to building new programs creating strategic plans and helping clients navigate crises and structural changes.Every project is assigned to a senior partner at the firm. Our partners each have unique strengths in core nonprofit disciplines organizational theory and business competencies. Everyone at BWB Solutions understands how to translate needs and expectations between nonprofits businesses and government agencies. We work with foundation program officers and board members key corporate executives and government officials as well as senior staff and board members from nonprofit organizations. We often work with project teams board staff committees and cross organizational collaboratives to create outcomes which are fully informed inclusive and owned by a broad range of organizational stakeholders.



United States of America

EPOCH Pi is a Certified B Corp and investment bank that serves purpose driven companies businesses that exist to provide both financial and social returns. These companies range from providers of clean technology and sustainable agriculture to old line manufacturing companies that create meaningful work environments have positive cultures and treat suppliers and other stakeholders equitably. Our services range from capital formation for growth companies to recapitalizations and merger and acquisition services. In every case maximizing value is job one but one of our success criteria is the alignment of our client s mission vision and purpose with those of the prospective partners. At EPOCH Pi we have developed a proprietary assessment process that helps reveal the values and cultural alignment of the parties and in mergers and acquisitions we bring integration planning into the process before the deal is signed. Our desire is to see these purpose driven companies survive and thrive post transaction so they continue to influence inspire and exemplify the best of business.


Gravity Accelerator

Gravity is a powerful impact driven ecosystem with three interconnected entities (Gravity Fund Gravity Accelerator Gravity Private Security Network). Our mission is to power prosperity by accelerating entrepreneurial ecosystems to create an abundant world. Gravity Accelerator powers transformative technology companies and social impact projects by providing C level services that enable our clients to become 'investable.' Our sweet spot is helping companies make the leap from Seed round to Series A round funding.Gravity Capital is a value driven fund with a $100M USD target with the intention of granting our investors with unique profitable impact opportunities with the graduates of the Gravity Accelerator and our extended network. Gravity Private Security Network is a network of distributed investment portals empowering companies to attract investors execute due diligence get assessed and scored and receive funding from vetted investors. Investors on the GPSN get first access to well vetted companies that have undergone strict due diligence through our team and our predictive AI software that can predict next round funding success with 82% accuracy.




Uncompromise exists for one simple reason to accelerate the success of individuals organisations and communities seeking to create a more just thrivable and loving world.We are a multi disciplinary multinational team of strategists engineers culture hackers academics entrepreneurs impact investors lawyers artists musicians and writers.As a collective our expertise spans well over one thousand years of dedicated consistent and practical action to solving the world s most pressing social environmental economic and political challenges.We don t just stand on the sidelines providing dispassionate advice.We get involved. We take sides.



United States of America



Sopact Impact Cloud is a theory of change driven platform that allows funders mission driven organizations and sustainable organizations to measure and manage their social and environmental impact easily. Align all your Impact Management needs in the platformTheory of Change Step by step application to create or document one or multiple ToCs including your indicatorsMetrics Selection More than 2000 metrics from multiple standards to choose from. Mix & match with custom metrics.Impact Portfolio Manage your entire portfolio of Funds Investments Grantees and/or Projects. Collect or import data from multiple sources.Impact Management Cycle Get insights from your data refine your impact framework and improve to achieve higher impact.Due Diligence & Risk Management Collect data and evaluate organizations risk for a smart resources allocation.Reports Dashboards and Stories Create impact reports with alignment to SDG outcomes or any other framework.SROI Social Value International accredited application to calculate the Social Return on Investment of your projects or programs.Impact Ecosystem Bridge the gap between asset owners asset managers and assets by aligning outcomes and datawithin one single platform!


Social Sector Network, LLC

Social Sector Network cultivates support systems for social enterprises and sustainable development initiatives. We make top quality social entrepreneurship support affordable and accessible by providing community based online solutions.Our nimble young company is dedicated to pioneering virtual accelerators and digital communities that are specifically designed for social impact startups. Specializing in cost effective growth Social Sector Network leverages strategic partnerships to unlock resources for partner startups and stakeholders.Structured around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we offer several digital products and services to support startups in their pursuit of social/environmental impact objectives. These offerings include comprehensive training programs strategy guides and peer to peer learning experiences.Our organization responds to four challenges faced by social entrepreneurs1) Filling core team roles2)Acquiring resources3) Measuring impact4) Creating mutually beneficial and impactful partnershipsCommitted to helping social entrepreneurs overcome these hurdles we empower change agents through connection and education.

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