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Acumen Capital Market (India) Ltd.


Over time Acumen has emerged as a leading financial services provider having a network of 40000 customers spread over 12 states across the country served by over 375 associates a figure that continues to grow aggressively in the near future they thank their young ambitious and service oriented team that combines well with the team of experienced professionals at senior levels who have spent a life time in the financial services sector.

Type: Investor Network Geography: India Impact: Access to Financial Services


BiD Network


BiD Network focuses on high growth businesses based in developing countries with a financing need of US$10,000 to US$5,000,000 over the next five years. They provide professional services to entrepreneurs, coaches, investors, business angels and SME service providers. An international network of partners makes this possible.

Type: Accelerator/Incubator Geography: Uganda Impact: Access to Education


Capital Indigo


Capital Indigo is a Private Equity firm based in Mexico City that is focused on mid market private equity and mezzanine debt investments in Mexico.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Latin America and the Caribbean Impact: Access to Financial Services




Finnfund is a Finnish development finance company that provides long term risk capital for profitable and sustainable investments in developing countries. We foster sustainable development and create jobs and prosperity by financing private companies.

Type: Government Geography: Africa Impact: Access to Financial Services


Levantine & Co

Levantine & Co is a financial services firm with a business strategy that utilizes a sustainable framework built on the IFC Performance Standards. We leverage our extensive knowledge access to capital network of key relationships and unique advisory approach to spearhead our services to ultimately secure sustainable financing and unlockour client s full potential. Levantine & Co secures sustainable financing for companies through an advisory relationship that helps structure and position our clients to meet and surpass the decision making criteria of sustainable investors.The firm provides confidential unconflicted and strategic advisory services to entrepreneurs family offices and SMEs looking to grow or restructure their businesses towards sustainability. Investors appreciate our ability to act swiftly and value our ability to handle the heavy lifting inherent in the services that we offer. This enables our clients to remain focused on the daily demands of running their companies. Ultimately Levantine & Co. seeks to guide its clients through the complex process of raising capital whilst satisfying the decision making criteria of sustainable investors.

Type: Other Capital Channels & Intermediaries Geography: Africa Impact: Access to Clean Water and Sanitation